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How Many Languages Can Children Learn at the Same Time?

“How many languages can kids actually learn at the same time?”

It’s a question I’m asked a lot by mamas in our Cultured Home crew. 

The super-quick answer? 

Kids (including toddlers) can learn to speak multiple languages at the same time. 2, 3, 4….or more languages at once.

If you’re like WOAH…...check out this mini-language genius for even more WOAH-ness! At just 4, Bella Devyatkina could speak six foreign languages plus her native Russian!

But the number of languages your child can learn simultaneously really depends on a variety of factors. So, let’s dive into the longer answer to that question. 

Your child can learn multiple languages if…..

You give them enough exposure

The amount of exposure your child has to multiple languages will play the biggest role in how well they get a handle on each one.

Parents can come up with all kinds of strategies to promote language exposure at home!

Let’s say in a...

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8 Quick Tips To Help Your Toddler Speak Another Language

Toddler-hood has arrived and your super keen for your little one to start talking! 

In English and in French. Or whatever language you’ve got your bilingual heart set on.

Hearing those first words will make your heart bubble up with joy and you think you’ll **never get tired of hearing them say “Mama, Mama!”

(**ahhhhh.... how quickly that could change)

Of course, in the absence of real problems, your little one is going to learn to talk eventually but there are lots of ways you can encourage their bilingual language development day by day.

And nope, you won’t mess with your toddlers head by introducing a second language while they’re still learning English! This is actually the BEST time to do it. 

I’ve put together these 8 quick tips I hope you find helpful to encourage your toddler to speak another language or if you need some practical tips you can download my starter guide.

When does the talking action begin

Here’s a...

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8 Mistakes Parents Make When Raising Bilingual Children

When I first started teaching my kids French, I made a bunch of mistakes.

Which is kinda expected because hey, I didn’t really know what I was doing back then... and I also wasn’t a native speaker. 

All I really knew at the time was this:

I want to give my kids the amazing life skills that come with learning a second language at a young age!

I had fails and I had wins. I had good days where I was thrilled about the progress my kids were making and days of despondency when I felt like a big failure. What the heck was I doing?!

Today I want to share with you some common mistakes that parents make when raising bilingual kids. My hope is these ‘what not to do’ tips will help your experience as a language teaching mama be the best it can be!

Not giving them enough exposure to the native sounds and accents

This is a big one for non-native speaking parents who are raising bilingual kids.

Reading and speaking with your children is great but if you don’t...

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Erin's Story introducing the German Language to her Kids


“To have a program that’s already been set out for me, just made it so much easier!”

Meet Erin. She’s an amazing Mum of two kiddos - Luca and baby Giselle - and a member of the Cultured Home Program. 

A non-native speaker who wants her kids to connect with their heritage.

Erin comes from German heritage but isn’t a native speaker. Her father never spoke German at home so Erin missed out on learning as a child and found it a challenge to learn as an adult. 

She didn’t want to make the same mistake with her own kiddos!

She wanted them to understand more about their heritage and also be able to speak another language - for all the awesome reasons we know.

From zero interest in German, to loving his lessons!

Before joining The Cultured Home program, Erin struggled to introduce German to Luca at home, he just wasn’t interested.

Now? It’s a totally different story - hooray! 

After just two weeks of the program, Luca was loving...

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4 Tips For Teaching Your Child A New Language With Music

Music is powerful stuff. 

We all know what it feels like when a tune gets stuck in your head. 

You know, when you can’t recall what you ate for dinner 5 minutes ago but you can somehow remember all the lyrics to Britney’s greatest hits from 2001 ...even when you totally can’t stand them.

Rhythm and lyrics are master memorisation tools.

And it just so happens music is an effective and easy (yay for easy!) way to begin introducing your kids to a new language - without the overwhelm. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with talented bilingual mama Ana Calabrese, founder of Spanish Plus Me who is all about teaching kids a second language through singing, moving and having fun.

She composes her own songs to teach Spanish with the length, amount of vocabulary, and movement component that makes her language classes fun, interactive and super effective.

I’m excited to share a few thoughts, inspired by our chat, on how and why to use music to introduce a...

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Why NOW Is The Best Time To Teach Your Child A Language!

There’s the right time for many things in life, mama. 

The right time take down your Christmas decorations (sometime before March)

The right time to eat a perfectly ripe avocado (blink and you’ll miss it) 

The right time to wear yoga pants (which is actually all the time...whether you do yoga or not)

There’s also the right time to start teaching your child a language…..and it’s right now!

In fact, cognitive scientists have even gone and figured out an exact window of time during which your child’s capacity for language learning is at its peak. 

The Perfect Window Of Opportunity - According To Science

Your child is unique, all our children are! 

But what they do have in common is an innate ability to learn, learn, learn. Those minds are like little sponges and cognitive scientists have identified there is definitely a key window of opportunity to learn a new language. 

A 2018 language study conducted by the Massachusetts...

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I Want To Teach My Child A Second Language...BUT…...

How good is it when you have a ‘lightbulb moment’ or something just clicks inside of you and you realise, you know what….I GOT THIS. 

Suddenly that big, hard thing you were afraid of / procrastinating on / or just downright confused about doesn’t seem that overwhelming anymore. 

THAT’S what this article is allllll about mama. 

Getting past the reasons you haven’t started teaching your child a second language yet.

Even though you know all the crazy awesome benefits a second language can bring and you’d LOVE to help them learn it…...but….

Today we’re gonna talk about those ‘buts’.

I’m going to address some of the really common (and valid!) reasons that stop parents teaching their child a second language.

Here are the 4 I hear the most and how to overcome them…

I’m Not A Native Speaker

This is a biggie! 

Parents worry that they don’t know the new language they want to...

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Learning A New Language Is Never Wasted On Kids (Here’s Why)

“What if my child never really ‘gets’ the language thing; if they don’t become fluent? Will it be a waste of time?”

I get you. It’s a totally valid question.

And my answer is this -

It’s SO worth the effort of teaching your child a new language even if they never become fluent. 

It will never be a waste of time. 

(And who said fluency HAD to be the ultimate language goal for your child anyway? That’s up to you Mama!)

Learning a new language will enrich your child’s life in many ways, regardless of their level of proficiency. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits!

Improve problem-solving skills and memory function

‘Divergent thinking’ is our problem-solving ability - our mind’s capacity to come up with different solutions when faced with a problem. 

Whether your child can't find his math homework or he left his lunch at home, good problem-solving skills will help him cope with these daily...

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How To Set A Language Fluency Goal For Your Child + A Plan To Reach It

Do you have a specific bilingual language goal for your child?

I’m mean, moving beyond the “I want my child to learn a second language” idea. 

You can start there, for sure, but as a goal, it's a little too vague. 

Getting really clear on what you want to achieve - the level of language fluency you ultimately want for your child - is super important because;

  1. you’ll know the outcome you’re aiming for and
  2. how much time you’ll need to dedicate to get there

I’d love to walk you through some tips on creating goals for your child’s language learning journey to help set you and your kids up for success!

The 2 Types Of Language Goals 

The Big Vision Goal 

This is the level of fluency you’d love to see your child reach in the long run. 

Setting a big vision goal will give you an idea of how much language exposure your child will need and the work you’ll have to put in to get there. 


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