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Welcome to The Cultured Kid's Affiliate Partner Program. By partnering with us, you’ll be working with a world-class Kids Language Curriculum that provides your community with the resources they need to teach their kids a foreign language. 

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Think of being best friends, but better.

With The Cultured Kid's Affiliate Partner Program, you will have the unique opportunity to customize an experience for your audience.

By running specific promotions from a suite of proven marketing campaigns, you can now ensure that your tribe has all the resources they need to fall in love with our Kids Language Lessons. As a partner, you are part of an elite group of individuals who can literally impact the world with the vision to see kids all over the world, learning a second language. 

Grow Your Business the Fun Way

As you promote The Cultured Kid, invest back into your business with the money you’ll receive from referring people. As a TCK Partner you will now receive 30% lifetime commission for any new member you sign up for The Cultured Kid that stays active past their trial period. That means, if you sign up one member who sticks around for 2 years, you will make nearly $250 per person; Imagine the possibilities! Since you already use and love The Cultured Kid, wouldn’t you want to make money sharing it with your community?

Recognizing You with Rewards

But of course, we don’t want to stop there. Since our success is literally only because of your success, we want to go the extra mile for our Partners.

In addition to your 30% lifetime commission, we will also treat you to special rewards as you progress. Each level unlocks exciting bonuses only available to our Partners.

What does it mean to be a Partner?

When you become a Partner with The Cultured Kid, you’ll share and promoting The Cultured Kid language-learning bundles with your audience. We’ll help you along the way, giving you tips and guidance on how to maximize your earnings.

We’re proud of the language lessons we offer. They're designed to encourage parents to take their first steps in language learning now rather than later, and to give them strategies that they can use right away, that actually work.

Our unconventional approach to teaching young kids a second language, is why The Cultured Kid is the largest and most popular child focused language learning program supporting kids in the world. Our readers trust our recommendations, and we respect them by creating high quality materials that we believe in.

We welcome you to become part of our story.


What are The Cultured Kid's most popular products?

Our products are like nothing else available on the market. We teach our lessons through an immersive model. First kids hear the word, then they see the context, and finally they understand. Our lessons don’t just list vocabulary or phrases – they teach kids how to learn languages effectively so they can become fluent faster and speak with native like proficiency.

  • Our best selling product, The Cultured Home ($37 p/m), is a one-stop shop for everything a parent needs to teach their child a second language. This is a members-only curriculum that introduces a language through immersive language videos, lesson plans and plenty of other supporting resources that help them to start speaking their target language early. It’s a massive resource database for parents with over 52 topical weekly lessons to choose from.
  • Our second-best earner, The Cultured Classroom ($129 p/m) is a step-by-step curriculum that helps Educators teach a foreign language inside a preschool / childcare centre classroom.

How much could I earn as a Partner?

We offer a very generous earnings package, with an ongoing monthly commission of 30% for as long as your referral stays a member with us, which is well above the industry standard. This means that for every membership purchased through your affiliate link, you’ll earn 30% the amount paid each month. You’ll be paid each month for your previous month’s earnings.

Your earnings will depend in part on how big your audience reach is, but it will also depend on how effectively you promote and share our programs with your readers. We’ll help with this by providing a guide to maximizing your earnings in your welcome kit.


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The best time to learn a language is before the age of 6 years...

Give your community all the tools they need to help give their kids a head start in life, as early as possible!

Our kids language programs are the perfect play-based resource to inspire a love of languages from a young age. 


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