Give your child a head start

Free checklist of the 10 Most Vital Tips to Teach your Kids a Second Language.

Preparing little kids for a big world

A second language could be one of the greatest gifts a parent can give

At the Cultured Kid™, we prepare little kids for a big world, helping them discover the world around them by introducing them to another language. There are countless studies and research into the benefits of young children learning another language alongside their mother tongue. It not only broadens their opportunities in an increasingly globalised world but also has great educational benefits such as improved problem-solving and abstract thinking.

Our interactive method of learning another language is also a really great way to spend time together as a family. From educational games played with our custom designed flash cards, to exposure through our immersive language videos (coupled with comprehensive lessons, worksheets and companion guides), acquiring a new language has never been more fun for the whole family! Introduce your children to a whole new cultural experience without ever having to leave home.


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