One of the most well-known language strategies used to teach kids a second language at home is the OPOL Method. This most commonly refers to the One Parent, One Language approach where a parent speaks only one language to a child, ensuring maximum engagement in the target language. That is assuming you're fluent in a language

This week, I sat down with Tetsu Yung from Ask Tetsu and he shared his unique approach to the OPOL Method. He also shared how he's teaching his kids to speak 5 languages, even though he only speaks one specific language to his kids at home.

If you can only speak one language but dream of raising bilingual kids, then this episode is for you!   


Today's episode talks about exactly what the OPOL Language Strategy is and how you can outwork it in your family. 

1. Introducing Tetsu Yung.

Key Points We Discussed:

  • Who is Tetsu Yung?
  • What is his language background?
  • How Tetsu is using the OPOL Language Strategy to teach his kids 5 languages.

2. How You Can Use the OPOL Language Strategy at Home.

Key Points We Discussed:

  • Can OPOL work for parents who are non-native speakers?
  • You don't have to speak all the languages to teach it at home.
  • How does the OPOL method really work?
  • What are some of the challenges that come with the OPOL method?
  • What can you do to make sure OPOL work for you?


A huge thank you to Tetsu Yung for sharing his wealth of expertise with us today! I could honestly sit and chat for hours and be inspired by the many ways Tetsu engages his kids in language. He has an everything-is-possible approach to raising bilingual kids and his kids certainly benefit from that and I know that's rubbed off on me too!

As always, if you’re feeling brave I'd love you to take a picture of you or your surroundings, and tag me @theculturedkid in your IG Stories with what you’re going to do today to move your kid's language journey forward and together we can commit to being accountable for seeing results in our homes, one day at a time! 

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