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Teach Your Kids a Language - Even If You're Not Fluent!

Our Preschool Language Program is designed to introduce the foundations of a language to your child at an age when they're best able to learn one!

So what is The Cultured Kid's Club?

The Cultured Kid's Club is our monthly membership that will empower you with the tools, skills and resources you need to confidently teach your kids a second language and give them the head start they need, in a simple, easy to follow process.

– Even if you’re not a native speaker.
– Even if you’re not fluent.

– Even if you’re not a teacher.
– Even if you don’t think you have enough time.

Unlike other language programs, I firmly believe that it doesn’t need to be hard, confusing or complicated to take your first steps to teach your kids a language through fun and engaging lessons. After working with preschools across Sydney, and now working with parents from all over the world, I'm sharing the the formula that will help you teach a language to your kids and it all comes down to one thing – having FUN!

I’ve taken everything I know and have broken it down into bite-size, easy to follow lessons just for you!

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a burning desire to play your way to fluency with your little ones!


The Cultured Kids Club Is Focused on helping YOU MAKE PROGRESS!

We provide everything you need to teach your kids a second language!

Immersive Videos

Introduce over 300 new vocabulary words and short phrases featuring over 20 different topics in a fun format, making it incredibly easy to build on each week.

Play-Based Lessons

Filled with games and fun activities your kids will LOVE, our lessons are to be taught over a 30 minute period and can be run as often as you like!

Phonetic Flashcards

Each card introduces the target language on one side PLUS the  phonetic pronunciation on the other, ensuring you'll sound like a native speaker, even if you're not fluent.

Fun Activity Sheets

These FUN Activity Sheets help reinforce vocabulary regularly throughout the month, perfect to showcase on your fridge or in your little one's room.


Private Facebook Group for members only, so you can connect with likeminded parents, ask questions and grow together. Plus our team are constantly available to ask questions to anytime!


Here are some of the MANY benefits of learning a language as a child:

Better Attention Span

Increased Confidence

Perform Higher on Test Scores

Experience Strong Logic Skills

Long Term Mental Toughness

Increased Language Ability

Increase in Job Options

Educational Advantage

Hi, I’m Shannon –

I’m a wife and mom of 2 kids and have had the privilege of running preschool language programs now for the past 5 years now. 

Born and raised in Australia, and a language learner from a young age, I've had the opportunity to live all over the world and have seen firsthand the positive impact languages have had not only on my own life but also on the ilves of my own kids.

My greatest desire is that regardless of where you live, your kids can now have access to the most fun and engaging language lessons, listening to native speakers and experiencing a new part of the world like never before. 

I've created everything you need to start, all that's left to do now is for you to play your way to fluency! 

"Increase the level of exposure your child has to your target language!"

Stop spending your days searching for lessons on Pinterest and googling activities to do with your kids and use this time to build on a proven plan that will not only engage your little ones but inspire them for a lifetime of language learning

I’ve taught my own kids, then in Preschool Classrooms around Sydney and now have the privilege of teaching hundreds of kids all over the world with our Parents and Preschool curriculum for the past 5 years.

Let me show you how to do it too!


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