Paige's Story: Discovering a FUN Plan She Could Lean On!


“My oldest daughter was asking for the last few years to learn French - but I didn’t know where to begin.”

Meet Paige. 

Her little family lives in the only province in Canada that is bilingual! 

Paige homeschools her children, 5 and 3 years old, and her daughter had been asking for years to learn French (don’t you love that!?)

Paige, not being a native French speaker, felt stuck and out of her depth when it came to teaching a language she didn’t actually speak. 

Paige’s biggest fear? Pronouncing the French accent

Paige learned French in school but didn’t remember much of it. 

“I thought, how am I going to do this?!” 

“My biggest fear was the accent. I wanted to say words properly and correctly so they had a good foundation.”

She was also afraid of getting overwhelmed and trying to do too much too soon. 

Giving the Cultured Home Program a go

Figuring it was time to dive in (ready or not!) Paige decided to give The Cultured Home program a go and introduced it into their homeschool curriculum. 

“Not really knowing where to begin, this has been a really great tool for us.”

Step by step - it’s all laid out for you

Paige loves the step-by-step approach of The Cultured Home program. 

“It’s all laid out for you.”

“Just seeing how the program is broken up week by week, it wasn’t overwhelming.”

For Paige, or the kids!

“With me forgetting a lot of French and it being so important in our province, it’s just been really great and a blessing for our home school.” 

Their little French accents are sooo sweet!

Paige’s little ones love their French lessons and she’s impressed by how the program incorporates all of their senses. 

“It’s not just the video, there’s so much interwoven into it. The flashcards, the games, the colouring - they love it!”

“They’re listening, seeing, repeating, acting it out, colouring. It interweaves every aspect of learning, so they’re absorbing it.”

Seeing their steady progress has been an eye opening experience for Paige. 

“My youngest is very confident - she’s not afraid of pronouncing it wrong. The way that she says it - her accent even seems more clear.”

I think parents are blown away by how much their little ones take in!

Paige is learning WITH her kiddos

Paige also loves learning alongside her kids

Like so many other non-native speaking mamas in the program, she’s learning to ‘try’ with them - go Paige!

“I’m really glad we found The Cultured Kid because I may have pushed it back another year. My daughter had been asking for years!”

“My favourite thing is that we’re doing it together. I love that.”

“It's a slow, steady pace and it’s working.”

“We adults can get stuck too much in our own heads - but just have fun with it! Playing the games with the kids really brings out the fun side of learning a new language.”

“It’s a little bit each week, it’s not overwhelming, and I think anyone can do it really!”

Think it’s time you jumped in (ready or not!) to teach kids a second language? 


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