How to learn a foreign language WITH your kids!


Did you know most of the parents in The Cultured Home program aren’t actually fluent in the language they’re teaching their kids?

I think that is SO amazing!

They’re proof you DON’T need to be a native-speaker to teach your kids another language. 

I’m proof too - I taught my kids French without being a native speaker.

I did it, heaps of parents in our program are doing it...and so can you. 

I’ve rounded up 5 easy-as-pie tips to help you learn a language with your kids. 

Start with kids lessons

The great thing about learning with your kids is you’re literally both starting from the same place! 

This means you’re gonna get a bunch of value from following along with lessons in a language program designed for kids (hint hint: The Cultured Home!

You’ll likely get ahead quicker but starting from ‘ground zero’ together with the basic lessons is a great jumping off point

Oh, and once you realise there’s about a gazillion conjugations to learn, you’ll probably long for those easy days of learning how to say ‘cat’ and ‘dog.’ 

  • Label stuff

Grab your pen, pad of sticky notes and google translate app - you’re about to label the shiz outta stuff, mama. 

Labelling objects around your home in the new language is a tried and true way to get new words to stick in your mind. If your child is at reading age, it’s a great way to learn together.

Keep labels to the most popular spots - kitchen, kids bedroom, etc - and high use items.  

When you’re both in the room make it a habit to say 3 or 4 of the words out loud together. 

Saying the word while actually using the item makes it easier to remember too.

  • Read bilingual books

Do you approach reading to your kids in another language with the same terror you would doing after-school grocery shop with little ones in tow.

This can’t end well. What was I thinking. Never again. 

While I agree avoiding supermarkets during peak hour with the kids is a sanity-keeping move, reading to them in a new language doesn’t have to be as terrifying.

Bilingual storytime is a great way to learn together! Starting with super simple stories will help you both ease into learning new words.

  • Track your progress

I love setting a goal and visually tracking my progress to meet it. There’s something soooo motivating about it…..Type A personalities, are you feeling me?

This tip is for mamas with older kids who’d enjoy tracking progress and turning it into a bit of a challenge. 

Get yourself a white board, stickers or anything else fun to mark off your progress. 

Draw up the board with the mini challenges and check them off when complete. 

  • Week one might be learn 3 new words together
  • Week two could be watch 4 x 10 minute video lessons together
  • ...and so on

Feel your language learning motivation sliding? Look at the board and remind yourself of how far you’ve both come!

  • Turn on Netflix subtitles

Next time you hit up Netflix for a kids program, turn the subtitles on. Listening in English and seeing the new words is a good way to boost language recognition. 

If you’re a non-native speaking mama who’s learning a new language I’d love to hear any tips you have to share! x

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