One of the most important things you can do with your child if they are learning a foreign language at daycare/kindergarten is to continue the language adventure at home. So today, we have put together a list of English / Spanish resource that you can use to engage your preschooler. Whether it's through stories or interactive games, we guarantee you that BOTH you and your child's Spanish will continue to thrive! x

Free United for Literacy website: it is a collection of digital books for kids from preschool to elementary school. It has multiple language options, including Spanish. To read the books in Spanish, you just need to click the Narration button at the top left corner of the screen, and then choose Spanish.

National Geographic Young Explorer: a wonderful science digital magazine for kids, with 7 issues each year, in both English and Spanish. Kids can read on the website, or via the free app.

Farfaria: a subscription-based reading library on mobile devices and online, Farfaria offers over 1000 books for kids of a wide age range. There are always free books available. Some books are available in Spanish, and the developer is adding more.

Hat Monkey is a fun interactive picture book app for kids of all ages. Kids can read the story in English, Spanish and 12 other languages.

Curious George and Birthday Surprise tells the story of the cute monkey George, it can be read in English, Spanish and French.

Senda and the Glutton Dragon is a short story about a dragon who only eats candy. It teaches kids about healthy food choices. It can be read in 6 languages, including English and Spanish.

Curious George and the Firefighters is another Curious George book for kids, with 3 language options, including English, Spanish and French.

1000 Adventures is a picture book app encouraging imagination. It is a fun read and you can choose among multiple languages, including English and Spanish, French.

Sparky’s Birthday Surprise is a free book that is available online or as an app. It teaches kids about fire safety with a cute story. It is available in both English and Spanish.

Blue Planet Tales is a reader app carries many children’s books. They just start a subscription system, that you pay monthly and you can access all the books in the system. All books are available in both English and Spanish.

Barefoot Atlas is a geography app, but you can use it for non-fiction read. The interactive features and images are simply amazing. In addition to English and Spanish, it is also available in several other languages.

Frozen story book is based on the same title movie, it is a wonderful read with an interesting design. Available in English and Spanish and other languages.

The Jungle Book tells the story of Mowgli, the young orphan adopted by wolves. It is available in English, Spanish and other languages.

Sylvan Dell is a reader app with STEM focus. The books include fiction and non-fiction, and for kids in preschool to elementary school. All the books in the app are available in both English and Spanish.

Little Blue Jackal is a book app specially designed for kids to learn Spanish. There are different levels of Spanish in the app depends on kids’ Spanish mastery level. Plus the story has a great moral value.

PlayTale is another reader app with books for kids of all ages. Their books are available in 8 languages including English and Spanish.

The Wolf and Ginger Cupcake is a new twist on the traditional story, with multiple language options.

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