We all know that one of the best gifts a parent can give to their child is the gift of a second language, but knowing this, and DOING this are two very different things.

As a native English speaker, fluent in only one language these days, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to think about starting to teach your own child at home. 

Today I want to share 8 tips that I found really empowering when it comes to teaching our kids a language at home. 



Today's episode is for all the parents who aren't fluent and would have NO idea where to start when it comes to languages at home. I want to share the tips that worked for me and some encouragement that will empower you to start! 

1. Just Start

My first tip is to start. This might sound obvious but it's the best way to overcome any fears you might have about introducing a language at home. It's also the best way to get rid of feelings of imperfection. I wasn't fluent in French when I first started teaching my kids the language but I did know a few words and starting there made it feel feasible. Make sure you listen to the full episode to find out the other 7 tips that helped me along the way with my own kids!

Key Points I Discussed in this Episode:

  • I shared why games are a great place to start when introducing new vocabulary.
  • Why it's important to keep the language leanirng pocess  fun - specially when you're teaching younger kids. 
  • How it's actually possible to teach a language if you're not fluent - Tip: you don't have to go it alone!
  • The power of routine and how you can integrate it into your week.
  • Why books matter - Even if you can't pronounce the vocabulary very well!
  • How you can get connected to likeminded parents who can help encourage you when you're having a rough week!


It's time to stop believing the myth that we can't teach our kids a language if we don't speak it ourselves. We can give our own kids the headstart they need by taking a step and doing just one of these steps today.

Of all the tips I shared today, what's one thing that you can do today to teach your kids even just one word. I’m so excited to see you discover just what's possible! Tag me @theculturedkid in your IG Stories with what you’re going to do today to move your kid's language journey forward, so I can repost it in my Stories and hold you accountable (and celebrate with you)!

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