5 Ideas For Teaching French To Children As A Second Language

French for Kids

5 Ideas For Teaching French To Children As A Second Language

Our children learn language primarily by listening to us as we talk, as we read to them, and as they watch TV and other media.

We do not need to do a lot of active teaching for our kids to learn the language that we speak. However, for them to learn a language that their parents do not speak, we do need to actively expose them to it through other means!

I am teaching my young girls (5 and 3) French. While I did study French in school and college, I am by no means fluent and need help!

Here are 5 ways you and I can actively help our children to pick up the sounds and vocabulary of the French language 

  1.     The Cultured Kid Language Program

The Cultured Kid offers monthly French language learning bundles that are full of helpful resources. You will get access to exciting vocabulary videos, lesson plans, flashcards, audiobooks, and interactive online games.

This program is especially good for the parent who is not confident with French pronunciation. The videos immerse children with native pronunciation, something which is so important for them to start internalizing the unique sounds of the language.

The Cultured Kid programs can be completed in 30 minutes per week, but resources like the French flashcards can be used repeatedly throughout the week.


  1.     Printable French Worksheets

I love using printable worksheets as pre-school learning activities. They are easy to download, print, and laminate, and my kids play with them for hours – even to the point where I have to say ‘no more’!

When I went looking for some French language worksheets for my daughters, I couldn’t quite find what I wanted. Rather than settle for something else, I put together a Kindergarten French workbook myself – with the help of a French editor, of course!

There are over 120 pages of activities covering 20 topics. The focus is on vocabulary, which is reinforced through tracing, drawing, matching, and coloring activities. Children will even start absorbing a bit of French culture and pronunciation with your help as well.

  1.     YouTube

YouTube is another rich resource for teaching French to children.

There are specific videos designed to help teach children French as a second language, and then there are regular French cartoons and shows. French language Peppa Pig on YouTube is popular in our home!

Simply putting on such shows regularly will help anyone become more familiar with the sounds, vocabulary, inflection, and other aspects of the language.

  1.     French Meetups

Many cities and towns all around the world have French language meetups. While these might not always be directed at children, many of them are, and kids are always welcome.

Being in an environment where people are speaking the language is very helpful, even when the majority are only in the beginner stages. 

  1.     Music

French children’s songs are another great way to teach French.

The Cultured Kid program includes French songs and rhymes that kids love. These memorable songs are topical to the lessons and will help to improve vocabulary and pronunciation.

Teaching French Has Never Been So Easy

Never has it been so easy to teach our children a second language.There are so many great resources out there which support and guide us in the process. 

With the help of The Cultured Kid’s courses, printable worksheets, French books, and easy access to French language programming, we’re in a good position to get started.

Best of luck!

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