You may have heard crickets around the blogosphere during the last few weeks because we have been working like crazy people to launch our very first online Parents Program… Which is now LIVE! !!!!

After spending years teaching Preschool French and Spanish in daycare centres across Sydney, the common feedback from parents was, “How do we continue the learning from home?”  – So, through blood, sweat and tears (of joy), we created an online learning program that mums and dads can teach, even if they don’t speak the language!! Yep – It’s that easy! 

Which brings us to our blog for today! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you first take steps to introduce a language to your child. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even start, which is why we wanted to give you tools to take the first step. It’s common knowledge that one of the best ways to develop language & literacy skills in children is through reading – which is why we have collated our favourite French language books for the little people in your world. We guarantee you won't be thrown into the deep end, and these stories will leave your child wanting more… Which is a great place to start. 

So without much ado, here are our Top 8 Kids French Language Books for Beginners! We hope you enjoy them!

Bonjour L’Enfant!: A Child’s Tour of France (French Edition by Danna Troncatty Leahy)

This book is a fantastic introduction to the language and culture of France. The story is exciting as the characters travel through France and explore similarities and differences to home, plus it introduces over 50 French words and phrases without being overwhelming.

A Walk in Paris by Salvatore Rubbino

Join a girl and her grandfather on a walking tour through Paris. Follow them as they climb to the top of Notre Dame, Sample tasty treats at bistros and pâtisseries and take in a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower! Written mostly in English, this book is a great introduction to the French culture as it eases your child into learning a handful of French words to begin with.

Qui Mange Qui – Nathalie Choux.

This book is a fun yet quirky introduction to some animal vocabulary words. As you are introduced to each animal, you will discover as you lift the flap, where each animal sits in the food chain.

Les Amis D’Elmer by David McKee 

This book introduces all the friends of Elmer the Elephant and is a fantastic book when introducing a handful of animals to children. Written entirely in French with no English translation, it is a simple introduction of the animals topic to even the youngest of learners.

Je Compte Avce Mimi by Lucy Cousins

This hardcover board book is a fantastic way to reinforce the new numbers that have been taught. Mimi finds one ladybug, two flowers, three buckles, four colours etc. You can use it to count up on every page, providing a great use of repetition. 

Petit-Bleu et Petit-Jaune by Leo Lionni

This book is particularly great to tell with gestures and actions. Your child will learn from varying topics such as colours, sizes and reinforces action verbs like run, jump, climb and dig.  It’s also an introduction to colours and talks about the blending of primary colours. 

La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous – Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) 

This book is a children’s classic and is a wonderful book to introduce topics like numbers, days of the week, food groups and even colours. It features a caterpillar who eats its way through a wide variety of food before pupating and emerging as a butterfly. The best part is that most children have read this book in English at some stage of their lives, so it will be a very familiar book already when you introduce the French language setting. 

Mr Chicken goes to Paris by Leigh Hobbs.

This story is a light-hearted story of Mr Chicken as he adventures around Paris. Your child will learn about some of the cultures of the city including landmarks, food and reinforce a handful of French words. 

This list is by no means comprehensive and there are many other fantastic resources that you can start with. We use each of these books to introduce the French language to children via our Preschool French Parents Program. This play based resource is a fantastic tool to engage their child in a whole new world with our first term 1 focusing on Actions, Numbers, and Animals. 

If you need some help getting the ball rolling, we would love to invite you to join The Cultured Kid Community, our free private group to help parents take the first steps and introduce a language to their child. 

Till next week, Happy French’ing 🙂


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