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Corrie's Story: Fluent in Spanish but needing a plan for her kids!


Mother of 2, Corrie is a Mama who has had plenty of experience with the world of bilingualism.

Born in Holland, Corrie grew up being able to understand Dutch but would only ever respond back to her parents in English as a child. All this changed after moving to England for university, she decided to pursue the Spanish language, later moving to Seville for a year where she became immersed in both the language and the culture.

After marrying an American, Corrie relocated to San Diego and is now raising her two children, Micah (5) and Evelyn (3) in a city where Spanish is widely spoken.

When her son Micah was about two and a half, Corrie decided that it was time to introduce one of her great passions and started introducing the Spanish language to him - knowing the value of learning a language while a child is young. 

“It’s never too late" she said, "I started learning Spanish when I was 18 years old, but for him, I...

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