Want Your Kids to Speak a Language in 7 Days? - Find Out How

Why Our Kids Foreign Language Lessons Have Kids Speaking Within The First Week

When I first started introducing French lessons to my kids at home, I discovered they were picking up the new words and phrases really quickly - however if I'm being really honest, at the time, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing.

I simply applied different ways to engage them in the ways I knew as a mama they loved.

It wasn't until I started sharing the lessons and resources with our community that I started seeing some interesting results that were being repeated in families all around the world.

Their kids were also starting to SPEAK their new language within the first WEEK too!

 It was wild. I mean I knew my kids really loved their lessons and they really embraced the language quickly but it wasn't until we had larger numbers within our community doing the same thing that I realized we were really on to something.

The Fast Track to Fluency Method™️ that I inadvertently introduced to my own kids were born.  

It truly made me proud of what we are doing here at The Cultured Kid, because our team have put in endless amounts of time, effort, research and dedication to compile our lessons and resources that are highly effective. 

So let me tell you why the kids that are using our language lessons are able to speak their chosen language from the very first week of using them.

  • Listening Focus

As we all well know, there are several mediums as to how kids learn and retain information best, one of which is audio based. So we have found several ways to best stimulate these students that can be defined as audio types. With our lessons, we only use native speakers of any given language to record and teach your kids. We wanted to make sure that what your kids were hearing was the correct sounds, tones and pronunciation of each word that they were learning, to make sure that they never had any confusion as to whether or not they were saying the words correctly. 

This means that parents also had more teaching time rather than time wasted on trying to figure out if they themselves were saying the right things, not to mention teaching it correctly to their kids.

  • Speaking Focus

Now this part may just seem like the logical conclusion, but in order to be able to speak a new language, you actually have to speak. This is why we use speaking as the second step of teaching in our lessons. After the kids have heard the target language, and have become more familiar with the sound of it, we encourage them to speak more through our unique call and response method. 

In order to get the kids to speak more, we have used an interactive method in our lessons, which means that in every lesson there will be questions that the kids are asked and they have to respond to those questions.

By doing this, it encourages the kids to use the vocabulary that they have learned and it gives them more confidence to do so. 

Once your kids are at a point where they are more vocal, you have jumped one of the most important hurdles and the rest will feel a lot easier.

  • Reading Focus

One of the most important parts of educational development in any language would be vocabulary recognition, which is achieved through reading. I vividly remember my mother trying vigorously to convince me to read more as a child and I could never understand why, until I got older and actually did start reading more. 

The more books I read, the easier it was for me to recognize words. Once it was easy for me to recognize the words, I could read them a lot faster and more accurately. 

Reading is a very important tool we use to help our kids reach fluency, especially with our vocab videos. We have also developed more reading based tools to help our students develop and progress quickly and effectively through flashcards, read aloud books, worksheets etc.

  • Writing Focus

After reading, the natural step of progression would be writing. Our kids have become familiar with the language through listening, comfortable with it by speaking it, proficient by being able to read and recognize it and now the last step that is needed to become advanced or near native level is writing. 

When a child is able to write in a foreign language, it shows that he/she knows the language and can recognize it when they read it and even better, they are able to write it without having to see or hear the words first before they write them.

We have thought about every aspect that is needed to help a child learn a new foreign language and what needs to be focused on in order to help them reach fluency. 

It is not just about finding the best ways to teach our kids, but also making sure they have fun while doing it and that we as parents enjoy every step of the way right alongside them. 

Helping your kids to speak a new language within the first week of having our lessons is not just about teaching your kids a new language as fast as possible. It’s about showing our community that by having the right support, you can achieve great results in a short amount of time and there is no need for the process to be stressful or frustrating if you know what to do. 

So if you haven’t already started with your first lesson, now is a great time to do it, now that you know what is waiting for you. 

Let’s dive in together and have your kids speaking by the end of the week!!

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