The Most Important Foreign Language to Teach Your Kids!

The Most Important Foreign Language to Teach Your Kids!

In this day and age it’s very rare to come across a person that doesn’t speak at least two languages or at the very least, someone that is eager to learn a second language. I’m sure we all understand how beneficial it is for a person to speak more than just one language and naturally we want to help our kids get a head start for a better future and what better way than to teach them a new language. 

Now the only question is, what language should you teach them? 

Some of the most important factors to take into account will be the level of difficulty to learn the language, as well as how useful it will be to be able to speak that language based on the amount of people that speak it or the amount of countries where it is spoken. 

Here are some of the most important languages to teach your kids.

1. English

In this instance we will assume that you are a native English speaker or is at least fluent, so English will be used as an example. English is the most spoken language in the world, being spoken by 1.132 billion people in 59 different countries. When you consider how widespread English is being spoken, it is clear that it would be a very useful language to be able to speak. It is also considered to be one of the easier languages to learn.

2. French

Ah French, the language of love, what language could be better? Not only is it a beautiful language to listen to, but it also happens to be very beneficial to be able to speak. French is spoken in 29 countries across the world by roughly 280 million people. As for the level of difficulty, French is ranked as the 8th easiest language to learn, with the hardest part being the sounds of the pronunciation.

This might not be such a daunting task for kids, because they are still developing their speech at that young age, making it easier for them to get the pronunciation correct than it would be for adults.

3. Arabic

When you hear Arabic for the first time, it might sound like an overly harsh language that doesn’t exactly role off the tongue, but don’t let that fool you. Arabic is spoken by 274 million people in over 25 different countries, making it the third most spoken language in the world. Not only is the spoken language itself difficult to learn and to speak, but it also consists of its own alphabet and written form that is generally not understood by people that rely on the English alphabet.

Now this might be a bit of an ambitious option for your kids, but if your kids have a talent for picking up new languages easily, this might be the right challenge for them that will definitely come in handy later on in life.

4. Spanish

We all know how often we flip through the channels on TV and at some point we end up getting hooked on a Spanish novella, intrigued by the storyline, but disappointed that we don’t understand Spanish. It’s hard to believe considering Spanish is spoken by 534 million people across 20 different countries.

Spanish is ranked to be the number 1 easiest language to learn, making it a wonderful option as a first additional language to teach your kids. 

For the most part the pronunciation is straight forward and follows the same alphabet as the English language, making it an ideal option. It also has the added bonus of being very similar to Portuguese, making it a small and easy jump to learn as a third language.

5. Mandarin

Every once in a while you will hear an uncle or distant cousin say at a family barbecue that China is busy taking over the world and we all better start learning some Chinese. 

First of all, there is no language called Chinese. There are two main languages being spoken in China, namely Mandarin and Cantonese, Mandarin being the more predominant one of the two, spoken by the Northern half of China. 

Based on the amount of countries speaking Mandarin (only 3 – China, Taiwan and Singapore) it might not seem like the best choice, but the language is spoken by 1.117 billion people worldwide. 

It is also worth considering that it is the 2nd hardest language to learn, but in my experience young children tend to pick it up quite easily. 

The written aspect is a different matter entirely, but if you are mostly interested in the languages your kids can speak fluently, this might be a valuable option for the future.

6. German

German might seem like the less conventional option when it comes to choosing a language to teach to your kids, but it’s very handy nonetheless. German is spoken in 6 different countries by more than 135 million people and, like Spanish, it can also be a gateway to several other languages such as Dutch, Flemish and Afrikaans. 

Think of it as a stepping stone to more languages and it happens to be ranked the 3rd easiest language to learn, making it a wonderful option for you and your kids.

Now that you have a bunch of great options in front of you, it’s time to think about the goals you have in mind as to why you want your kids to learn another language, which will of course influence your choice of language that you pick at the end of the day. 

Perhaps you want to travel as a family and want to be able to speak the language of the country that you will visit;

or you want to raise your kids to be more open-minded when they grow up and go out into the world. 

Maybe you are looking for the easiest language to learn or the one that is most spoken internationally. 

Whatever your goals are, there is a language that will be perfectly suited to you and your family. 

So what else is left? Just to get started!

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