Miche's Story: Discovering a FUN Plan She Could Lean On!


Miche's Story

“We’ve travelled the world, learnt lots of languages and I thought it would be a great idea to pass that skill onto my kids!”

Meet Miche. Originally from South Africa, Miche is a globe-trotting mama who joined the Cultured Home Program to teach her kiddos ( 2, 4 and 6 years) to speak French.

Questioning her ability to teach a language she didn’t speak herself

Although she was familiar(ish) with French sounds, Miche admits wasn’t 100% confident in her capability to teach the French program to her kids.

“But once I got into the program, it was almost like I didn’t need to have any background in French - it was so clear on how to pronounce the words watching the videos.”

Exactly! That’s how The Cultured Home program has been designed. To make it easy-peasy for all mums, especially non-native speakers, to introduce a new language to their little ones. 

“It was pretty easy to do. Once I got into the lessons, I wasn’t worried at all!”

Lessons are more about fun than structure 

If lessons aren’t fun, kids aren’t going to be interested in learning. End of story.

With videos, flashcards and play-based lessons, the program keeps things light, fun and interesting - Miche’s kiddos didn’t even realise they were having a ‘lesson.’

“We started off watching a video from the program and they just thought it was good fun watching children say other words!”

“They didn’t actually think it was a formal learning ‘lesson” -  but they did pick up on it really, really quickly.”

YASSSS! This IS working….her kiddo’s amazing progress

As Miche watched her little one’s amazing progress, she was high fiving herself for giving The Cultured Program a chance. 

“Watching their progress was amazing. It made me feel as a parent like Yes! this is working! and the kids are having fun and recognising it.”

Without the program, lessons would have fizzled away

If she hadn’t had come across The Cultured Home Program, Miche is pretty sure her own DIY French lessons wouldn’t have lasted long. 

“I think we would have just fizzled away and it wouldn’t have worked for us.”

“The kids lost interest, it wasn’t fun when I did it on my own.”

What she loved most about The Cultured Home Program were the videos. Video lessons are a brilliant resource for non-native speaker because they give plenty of exposure to the natural accent.

“Doing all those actions with the French words and watching the kids on the videos was probably actually what pushed us to be successful in the program!”

“There’s no time to start learning like today. I started with my 2 year old and he picked up the words just as quickly as my 4 year old did.” 

“You can’t start teaching your children too young!”

We couldn’t agree more Miche! 

Find out more about The Cultured Home Program here.


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