The #1 Thing Ivy League Colleges Wants Your 2-8 Year Old To Learn NOW!


If you’re in the middle of planning your kids' curriculum for the year ahead, I want you to stop what you’re doing right now and listen carefully as your kids' future college entry may very well depend on it. 

We all want the very best for our kids! We want to see them succeed. To learn about the world and themselves, and to reach their God-given potential. 

And as parents, our role is to set our kids on a path that will enable them to be all that they can be! 

For many this looks like providing a pathway to help our kids get into a good college so they can learn and grow and be in an environment that will open the doors of opportunity for them. 

This is why the decisions you’re making this week really matter! 

Did you know that in general, competitive colleges require your kids to have studied at least two years of foreign language classes. 

Colleges like Stanford University would like to see three or more years, and Ivy League schools like Harvard University urges students to take a minimum of four years!  

In 2018, when Harvard University's Dean of Admissions testified in court about the school's admissions policies, he revealed that students who studied foreign languages and showed an interest in the cultures had a slight edge over many other applicants.

Life in college and after college is becoming increasingly globalized, so strength in a second language carries a lot of weight with admissions counselors.

Why am I telling you this now when the idea of your kids going to college feels like a lifetime away?

I’m telling you because it’s really important that you make sure that you’re laying the firm foundations of a  foreign language NOW! 

Not just so your kids have an advantage when it comes to their college admissions but also, because now is also the easiest time to get started with a language. 

There is a small window of opportunity right NOW that makes it much easier for your kids to learn a foreign language. That window starts to close after the age of 6 years making it not only harder to become proficient in the language as a child gets older but also, their ability to speak like a native is dramatically limited. 

So before you finalise your kids curriculum for the year ahead, let me encourage you to do 3 things. 

  • Decide that languages will be a key part of your curriculum this year
  • Select the language that you’ll have the most amount of access to
  • Make sure it’s FUN otherwise your kids will not want to keep learning it.

Now before you get overwhelmed and tell me you don’t speak any of these languages, how on earth can you teach your own kids - Don’t worry, I’m sharing everything I did to run foreign language lessons at home in a really fun and play based manner in my free guide for Parents. 

Simply hit the download button and you can find out how to get started at home today! 


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