You don’t have to be fluent to teach your kids a foreign language


If I am ever given a magical wish, I’d wish that this one myth didn’t exist…

Myth: You can’t teach your kids a language unless you speak it fluently yourself.

Absolutely untrue! You do not need to be a native speaker or have a background in a language to pass it on to your children. My kids and I are proof. So are the thousands of parents and children I’ve worked with in The Cultured Home. 

Would you have a slight advantage if you already speak the language? Sure! Prepping for lessons might go a lot quicker for you compared to non-native parents. But honestly, that’s about it. 

And lesson prep doesn’t even take too long if you have the right resources and tools. 

We're so used to leaving our kids in the hands of traditional learning systems that we often miss a golden window of opportunity for language learning in their childhood. 

All because of a simple reason -  the lack of confidence.

Here’s what I see happening way too often with non-native speaking parents 👇

➡️ Parents decide to teach their children a new language & are super excited

➡️ They hop online and get overwhelmed with Pinterest & YouTube

➡️ Start doubting their ability to teach their kids a new language

➡️ They wait till their kids are older & hire language teachers or…

➡️ Give up on the idea altogether 

But this doesn’t have to be you, mama. 

Your job isn’t to be the expert.

You just have to create the best learning environment possible for your kids and the rest will work itself out.

Don't be afraid to explore and rely on external resources to help you. There are many incredible tools and lesson plans available for you to lean on throughout this journey. 

It is as simple as bringing exposure to the language into the four walls of your home for as little as 5 minutes a day.

When I first started teaching my kids French, I relied heavily on songs and vocabulary videos as they were the best fit for my kids. But you know what's best for your kiddo so feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.

All you need is the confidence and persistence to constantly take that extra step forward. This is a journey for you and your kids, so don't be afraid to make mistakes along the way - it's just a part of the learning experience.

It took me some trial and error, but I managed to put together a lesson plan that is not only effective but also extremely fun. 

So relax and take a deep breath, mama. I promise your child doesn't have to miss out on all the cool perks of learning a language. You already have everything it takes to succeed!

You’ll be in awe of just how much is possible once you get started.

Did I clear up some of your doubts? Let me know in the comments below 👇


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