Unlocking Ivy League Doors: The Role of Foreign Language Learning in Your Child's Success



If there’s one thing all of us mamas can agree on, it’s that nothing is more important than our children’s success. As parents, we’ll do whatever it takes to secure their futures and open the door to a whole new world of possibilities. And what better way of doing that if not through their education?

The Tried-and-Tested Formula for Success

We all know the drill – you get good grades, get into a good college, and get a good job. That’s the tried-and-tested formula for success. But getting into Ivy Leagues isn’t that simple with so much competition out there. We all want to see our kids make it to Harvard and Yale – but how do we give them a special advantage to kick things off?

The Power of Foreign Languages

The answer is … drumroll foreign languages! I know you knew I was going to say that but I just had to 😂

Insights from a College Admissions Expert

Recently, I spoke to Dr. Gena Lester, a college admissions expert with over 25 years of experience. According to Gena, colleges today look at applications from a holistic perspective. That means it’s not just the grades and SAT scores anymore – it’s also about what makes your child stand out in a pool of thousands.

Early Language Learning: The Scientific Perspective

The KEY to boosting your child’s admission chances is to start early! Research shows this is the BEST time to teach your kiddos a foreign language. At such a young age, your little ones are very receptive to new things – which pretty much means they can pick up words and phrases with lightning speed.

The Ivy League Requirement

And picking up a language or two may not even be elective anymore. Some ivy Leagues require a minimum of three years of foreign language lessons just to apply to their programs.

Beyond the College Applications: Enriching Life Experiences

As your kids immerse themselves in a new language, just think about how many amazing experiences they’ll have outside of just their academic life. Close your eyes and picture family vacations to Rome – conversing in Italian and ordering a heaping plate of pasta all on their own.

Preparing for the Future: Bilingualism in the Job Market

In today’s increasingly globalized world, employers love hiring bilingual employees because the workforce needs it. So by taking that first step of learning a foreign language while they’re young, you’re giving them an extra edge for life.

A Real-Life Example: Dual Major in International Business and Spanish

Just look at this wonderful example that Gena shared with me. She worked with this young girl who wanted to major in business – and it turns out, she also had a fair amount of Spanish credits.

The Added Benefits: Cognitive and Social Advantages

A second language shows colleges your children’s ability to learn and connect with other cultures. As if that wasn’t enough, it also shows your munchkins the beauty in diversity – which means they’ll have a great time connecting with other kids on campus. And don't even get me started on the cognitive benefits – better memory, problem-solving, creativity, you name it!

Conclusion: Start Early for a Bright Future

College applications may be over a decade away right now, but it’s never too early to get started. Their future may depend on it. Drop a comment below if you’re excited to raise bilingual citizens and send them off to an ivy someday. Do you have a specific college or program in mind for your kiddos.



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