The Best Age to Teach Your Kids a Foreign Language


One of the most common misconceptions I see about getting kids started with a foreign language is about when to get started. Traditional methods tell you to wait until your kid has mastered English and is in school where you can hire a professional to tutor them. 

After all, wouldn’t a professional language teacher be better than regular ol’ mom who can’t even speak the target language herself? 

Wrong mama!

In the first 5 years, our kids are hardwired for learning. Think of their brains as super-absorbent sponges. At that young age, they can learn a new language while still learning their native tongue. 

They will literally use the same parts of their brain to store the new language and their native language! 

And you don’t need a tutor or a language teacher to teach your babies a new language mama! You’re the best teacher they will ever have. Who would know your kids better than you mama? 

The most important thing in teaching a new language to your kid is creating the best learning environment that works for them. 

You’re gonna be missing out on a GOLDEN window of opportunity by waiting for the professionals. Trust yourself, mama. You got this.

You can definitely kick-start your kid's language journey and give them a headstart in life. 

So, what’s the best time to teach your lil ones a new language? As young as possible! Preferably in the first 5 years! But if they’re a little older, then the best time is right NOW mama. 

The sooner you start the easier this journey is going to be for both of you. 

Let me know when you started or are planning on teaching your kids a new language in the comments below 👇

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