The Best Age to Teach Your Kids a Foreign Language


I'm gonna let you in on a lil secret, mama - the best time to introduce a foreign language to your little ones is NOW.

There’s been tons of research done about why it’s so much easier for kids to learn when they’re young, and a lot of it is scientific stuff that I couldn’t possibly explain in detail 😂

But I can tell you this - when they’re young, their confidence is endless. They aren’t afraid to try out new things and mistakes are just a small bump in the road.

Plus, teaching kids a second language while they’re still picking up their mother tongue allows them to use the same part of their brain to learn both languages - making it significantly easier! Can you remember picking up your native language?

Nope! It’s just something you’ve always known.

But that doesn't make it easy. There’s no getting a child to learn a new language if all they do is sit at a desk studying.

My number one goal is to get the kids excited and having fun, all the while learning something valuable!

Still not convinced?

Lessons include:

💫 The perfect blend of songs, games, videos, audio and activities
💫 Play-centered lessons to keep your little ones engaged
💫 Step-by-step lesson plans
💫 Flexible timing
💫 Quality time with your kiddos!

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✨ Psst... When you're ready, here are a few ways I can help you get started with teaching your kids a foreign language at home...

1. Download my free 10 Page Guide for Parents to help you see how easy introducing a foreign language at home can be - especially if you don't speak the language at all.

2. Want a plan to run consistent language lessons that are fun and easy?
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Discover how you can run consistent language lessons, that are fun and engaging and help your kids make the progress they deserve!

Even if you're not fluent!

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