Speaking 7 Languages At 4 Years Old? Bella Devyatkina Proves It's Possible to Teach French to Kids

Bella Devyatkina, from Moscow, Russia, is a little language superstar. 

Bella Devyatkina, a 4-year-old language prodigy from Moscow, Russia, is an incredible source of inspiration for parents teaching their kids French. Fluent in seven languages, including French, Bella's remarkable linguistic abilities showcase the possibilities of early language acquisition.

Bella started learning when she was just 2 years old

Bella's mother, Yulia, who herself is not a native speaker of all the languages Bella speaks, emphasizes the importance of starting language exposure early. Yulia introduced English to Bella at the tender age of two and witnessed her daughter's natural interest and quick grasp of the language, prompting her to introduce additional languages. Yulia's approach demonstrates that parents don't need to be fluent in French themselves to guide their children's language development.

Scientific research supports the notion that young children possess an incredible capacity for language acquisition. A 2018 study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed that the optimal time to learn a new language with native-like proficiency is before the age of 10. Contrary to the belief that babies and toddlers are too young to learn languages, Bella's achievements prove otherwise.

Bella’s mum isn’t a native speaker of all the languages Bella speaks...

Yulia's approach to teaching Bella multiple languages without being a native speaker herself is both encouraging and insightful. She emphasizes the importance of making language learning enjoyable and employing various resources. Bella's lessons were not limited to traditional settings; they took place in exciting locations such as zoos, museums, aquariums, and even cooking classes at home. Yulia's primary focus throughout the process was for Bella to have fun, without placing undue pressure or expectations on her.

The secret to learning a new language (or 6!) is to make it FUN and use a bunch of different resources!

Playtime played a crucial role in Bella's language development, as it does for all children. Creating a playful and engaging environment helps children learn more effectively, enhances creativity, and cultivates social skills. By incorporating fun activities into language learning, parents can make the process enjoyable for their children, just as Yulia did for Bella. By infusing French into everyday activities, parents can ignite their children's interest in the language and reinforce their learning experience.

To embark on a similar language learning journey with your child, seize the multitude of resources available. Explore French children's books, educational videos, interactive language apps, and online lessons. Engage in playful activities that encourage language practice, such as language-themed puzzles, word games, and role-playing scenarios. Remember, the key is to create a positive and enjoyable language learning environment that nurtures your child's curiosity and enthusiasm for French.

Witness Bella's extraordinary language skills in action and access our comprehensive guide to start your child's French language adventure. Let Bella's story inspire you to embark on an exciting journey of French language learning with your little one. With dedication, creativity, and a love for exploration, your child can unlock the beauty and richness of the French language.


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