It can be overwhelming just thinking about the idea of raising your child to speak a second language, especially if you're not a native speaker yourself - however, when you start to list all the benefits a child receives from growing up bilingual, it makes sense to at least get the ball rolling at home. 

As a native English speaker myself, I really wanted to give my own kids a head start when it came to introducing a language at home, and I found that with the right support and resources, they were able to pick up a substantial amount of the French language. Plus we had a lot of fun along the way which was really important to me! 

Today I want to share Anneke's story.

Anneke is from Sydney, Australia and is raising her 2-year-old son Soren to speak French. With the support of our community, and regularly receiving weekly French lessons in her inbox each week, she's now able to really build some momentum and help her son get as much exposure to French as possible in an English speaking country like Australia. 

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