Anneke's Story: No French Background But Already Laying Solid Bilingual Foundations!


I’m excited to introduce you to the lovely Anneke! 

She’s mama to little Soren - their family live in Sydney, Australia and are all native English speakers. Soren is two years old and already learning French with The Cultured Home Program.

“It’s one of my favourite places in the world.”

Why French? Well, France is one of Anneke’s most favourite places in the world and although she doesn’t speak French herself, she thinks it’s a beautiful language for Soren to learn.

“My dream for Soren is to have an expanded world view and a greater understanding of language,” says Anneke.

The Cultured Home Program Puts It All There For You

“As a non-native speaker of French, the great thing about the program is because of the video lessons, it’s really easy to facilitate.”

See, another non-native mama who hasn’t let not knowing the language stop her teaching it!

“You don’t actually have to know every single vow sound or how each different word is pronounced. It’s all there for you.”

Anneke loves that you can stop and start the video lessons as much as she likes until they’ve both got the hang of it.

Hooray for the pause button!

Peppa Pig Time Becomes The Cultured Kid Time

Anneke hasn’t had to find any extra space in her family’s schedule to teach Soren French. She’s simply swapped TV time for learning time!

“Most of the time when we watch the videos or go over the memory cards it’s when he’d normally be watching TV anyway. So instead of Peppa Pig, he watches The Cultured Kid!”

“It’s encouraging to see him pick up different words here and there and begin to wrap his head around the sounds.”

Will Soren Teach His Dad French One Day?

Soren’s Dad is very excited about him learning French - because Dad wants to learn it too. Who knows, maybe it will be Soren teaching him one day!

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