Justine's Story - Introducing French into her Homeschool Classroom


When it comes to homeschooling, most people picture frustrated parents poring over worksheets with their children. But not Justine LoMonaco. A mom to two enchanting girls aged 3 and 6, Justine took a different route, inspired by her youngest daughter's fascination with France and the French language. On her quest for suitable resources, she stumbled upon The Cultured Kid, and this discovery completely shifted her perspective on how language learning could be seamlessly incorporated into homeschooling.

What captured Justine’s attention about The Cultured Kid was its emphasis on play-based learning, an approach she knew had been immensely successful for her children. Her decision to weave The Cultured Kid into her daily life was made effortlessly, validating her intuitive understanding of her daughters' learning styles.

Once she took the plunge and implemented The Cultured Kid’s French lessons, the impact was immediate and nothing short of remarkable. It wasn't just about teaching her daughters a new language; it was also about witnessing them flourish in an engaging, playful environment. Gone were the rote memorization and obligatory repetition—replaced by laughter, joy, and a genuine eagerness to learn.

The lessons turned into more than just an educational endeavor; they became a cherished family activity that everyone looked forward to. And for Justine, the satisfaction wasn’t just in hearing her daughters speak new French words; it was seeing their eyes light up with the sheer joy of learning.

Justine's story is a testament to the transformative power of play-based learning in language education. It not only reaffirms what she had always intuitively known about her children's learning styles, but also showcases the magic that can happen when you find the right resources to complement that style. With The Cultured Kid, the daunting task of homeschooling and language learning transformed into a delightful and enriching family experience.

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