Justine's Story - Introducing French into her Homeschool Classroom


Whenever you hear of someone homeschooling their kids, there is a certain mental picture that comes to mind.

You see the parents sitting at a table with their kids for several hours, the look of pure frustration on their faces as they struggle through yet another worksheet or standard lesson.

That is why I wanted to connect with one of our Cultured Kid Mamas, Justine LoMonaco, the co-founder of The Learn + Live Letter. To help you discover another way to enagge your kids not just in a language at home, but in life!

  • Some background on Justine

Justine LoMonaco is a mom to two beautiful little girls, aged 3 and 6. She is also the co-founder of The Learn+ Live Letter, a homeschooling program which she started with her co-founder + friend, Cynthia.

In previous years she also had very little understanding of what homeschooling was really like. That was until she met Cynthia, who had been homeschooling her two boys at the time. 

  • How did The Learn+ Live Letter start?

Before Justine got started with The Learn+ Live Letter, she focused on what worked best for her girls, what helped them learn more efficiently and matched their style of learning so that it was completely catered to their individual needs.

Based on that, she started to create small lesson plans filled with activities, games and songs that interested her girls. 

When the pandemic hit, several of Justine’s friends started reaching out for advice or guidance on how to do things without feeling completely overwhelmed. Luckily she already created these lessons for her daughters and decided to share them with her friends.

It was a hit and several more people started to enquire about her lessons. That’s when she and Cynthia decided to combine their knowledge and experience to start a newsletter to help parents who needed some guidance on how to home school their kids. 

  • How did Justine find The Cultured Kid French lessons? 

Justine’s youngest daughter had always been fascinated with France as a country, with Paris and especially the French language. So Justine decided to look for resources that were best suited for her daughter, when she came across The Cultured Kid.

Of course French was one of the units and both she and her daughter fell in love with it. One of the biggest factors that drew Justine in was the fact that The Cultured Kid lessons were play based, which she knew had been a very successful method of learning for her daughter.

After giving it a try, she found that her girls absolutely loved the play based resources + games inside the program!

It is always amazing to get the opportunity to speak with one of our cultured kid mamas, to hear what their experiences have been, not only with our lessons + resources, but with teaching their kids themselves and helping to shape them into the extraordinary humans they will one day become.

To find out more about The Learn + Live Letter, simply head to their website and checkout their 12 month homeschooling curriculum for young learners. We highly recommend any resource they create! 

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