You Only Need 5 Minutes to Teach Your Kids a Foreign Language


Whenever I get the chance to speak to parents about their hesitation in teaching their kids a new language one of the biggest doubt they face is the fear of not having enough time.

Immersing your kids in a new language isn’t something that requires a massive time commitment. It can really be as simple as a 5-minute lesson every day. The key here is to have the lessons every single day!

They just need consistent exposure.

This is exactly what mama Erin did when she started teaching her kids German.

She had a full-time job and two toddlers on her hands - not much free time for language lessons there. Or so she thought. 

She started creating small pockets in her kid's day where they were exposed to the German language.

Things like having a TCK vocabulary video playing at the breakfast table before her kids had to leave for school or a quick bedtime story in German before bed. 

And it worked! 

In less than 2 weeks, her son went from next to no knowledge of German to loving his little lessons with mama.

Just the other day, Erin and her son were in the car and on their way to his preschool when her son pointed at a stop sign and shouted out "Anhalten!". She was blown away.

Her son was speaking German. He was actually applying it to his surroundings. I can’t tell you how amazing that feels mama. You’re gonna have to experience it for yourself!

It's not a matter of spending long periods of time teaching your kids another language, but instead creating an environment where they are consistently exposed to the language. Creating a positive learning environment filled with activities that they enjoy will have them picking up new vocabulary in no time.  

All you need to do is add some target language flare to the time you already spend with your kids. Take a walk in the park and name things in your target language. Maybe have a French or German inspired dinner one night. 

Take it one step at a time and dedicate just 5 minutes a day. Your little linguists will pick up more words than you could’ve ever imagined.

Drop a comment below if you’re excited to begin this new journey with your munchkins.

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