5 Ideas For Teaching Spanish To Children As A Second Language

As parents, we know that our children learn language primarily by listening to us, but what if we want to teach them a language we don't speak ourselves?

Here are 5 ideas for parents who want to teach their children Spanish as a second language:

  1. The Cultured Kid Language Program: One of the most efficient ways to teach children Spanish is to use a language learning program. The Cultured Kid Language Program is a great option for parents who want to expose their children to the Spanish language. This program provides access to vocabulary videos, lesson plans, flashcards, audiobooks, and interactive online games. The program is designed to be completed in just 30 minutes per week, but the resources can be used repeatedly throughout the week.
  2. Printable Spanish Worksheets: Printable worksheets are a fantastic resource for pre-school learning activities. Parents can download, print, and laminate these worksheets, and their children can play with them for hours. There are many Spanish language worksheets available online, but parents can also create their own. Focusing on vocabulary, parents can use tracing, drawing, matching, and coloring activities to reinforce learning. Children can even learn a bit about Spanish culture and pronunciation with their parents' help.
  3. Use YouTube: YouTube is a rich resource for teaching Spanish to children. There are specific videos designed to help teach children Spanish as a second language, as well as Spanish language cartoons and shows. Parents can put on Spanish shows regularly to help their children become more familiar with the sounds, vocabulary, inflection, and other aspects of the language. Spanish language children's songs and rhymes are also available on YouTube.
  4. Attend Spanish Language Meetups: Many cities and towns have Spanish language meetups where parents can take their children. Although these meetups may not always be directed at children, many of them welcome kids. Being in an environment where people are speaking the language can be very helpful for children, even when the majority of the speakers are only in the beginner stages.
  5. Use Spanish Music: Spanish children's songs are another great way to teach Spanish. The Cultured Kid program includes Spanish songs and rhymes that kids love. These memorable songs are topical to the lessons and can help to improve vocabulary and pronunciation.

In conclusion, teaching children Spanish has never been so easy. With so many resources available, parents can use language learning programs, printable worksheets, YouTube, language meetups, and Spanish music to expose their children to the Spanish language. The Cultured Kid Language Program is especially helpful for parents who are not confident with Spanish pronunciation. With these resources, parents can help their children to pick up the sounds and vocabulary of the Spanish language. Best of luck!


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