5 Flashcard Games That Kids LOVE to Introduce the Spanish Language

As a parent teaching Spanish to your kids, you don’t have to rely on textbooks and traditional methods of teaching. You can make the learning process more fun and engaging by using flashcards and games. Here are five flashcard games your kids will love:

1. Musical Flashcards

This game is excellent for speaking practice and works best when used to review content that has already been taught to the kids. Place the chosen flashcards upside down on a table or floor. Choose a fun and lively Spanish song that your kids love to listen to. When you start playing the music, your kids will all start to move around the chosen space in the same direction. Once the music stops, your kids will also have to stop and pick up the flashcards that are closest to them and say out loud what is on the flashcard.

2. Simon Says Show Me

Stick all the flashcards you want to use on the wall where the kids can easily reach them. When playing this game, you say “Simon Says show me the apple” and your kids would have to find the apple flashcard and go and touch it. Whenever you give instructions without saying “Simon Says”, they would have to keep standing and not move to touch the flashcards. If they do touch the flashcard without you saying “Simon Says”, you could use some fun or active movements like spin around 5 times or jump like a frog to the kitchen and back.

3. Telephone (aka Chinese whispers)

Take all the flashcards that you want to use and either stick them on the wall or put them in a line on a table. Let your kids line up next to each other with you at one of the ends. Choose one of the flashcards and whisper that word into your kid’s ear that is standing right next to you. He/she would then have to whisper that word to the next child and continue like that until you reach the last child. The last one would then have to go and find the correct flashcard based on the word that you whispered down the line.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Show your kids all the flashcards one by one and repeat the Spanish words on the cards. When your kids are familiar with the flashcards, turn them all upside down while still repeating each one of the words on the flashcards. Have your kids close their eyes while you remove one of the cards and hide it somewhere in the house or a smaller area within the house. When your kids open their eyes, they should try to determine which card is missing. Once they have figured out which one is missing, they have to go on a scavenger hunt through the house or designated area to see who can find the flashcard first.

5. Flashcard Guessing Game

This game works perfectly whether you have a single child or several kids to play with. Take the flashcards that you want to use and make a duplicate set. Place one set face down on the table or floor and let your kids pick a card from the other set. They then have to act out the word or phrase on the card without saying it, and the other players have to guess what it is. You can make this game more challenging by setting a time limit for each round.

Remember, all of these games can be adapted to be more challenging or less competitive based on your kids’ level and preferences. Introducing Spanish to your kids doesn’t have to be boring or stressful. Make it a fun and engaging experience for the whole family with these flashcard games!


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