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Founder Shannon Kelly’s passion for foreign languages started early. After winning a scholarship to study in Germany at 15, she spent a whirlwind few months immersed in a culture entirely ‘other’. The experience dramatically changed her perspective, sparking a love for exploring other cultures.


A decade on, Shannon and her young family relocated to New York City, where their days were spent in a melting pot of language and culture. She quickly noticed how much of an impact living in such a diverse city was having on her toddlers, with curiosity, empathy and creativity being cultivated by the day. She also saw how navigating different cultures was equipping her toddlers for the globally connected world they were already beginning to shape.


Upon returning to Sydney, however, continuing this cultural education proved difficult in a city where neighbourhoods are a lot more spread out and isolated. After discovering there were no fun, interactive early childhood language programs for her children to take part in, she set out to create them herself. Utilising her background in communications, and in partnership with early childhood experts, ‘The Cultured Kid’ was born. The program was quickly adopted by daycare centres across the city, cementing Shannon’s aim of every child having the chance to revel in the joy of exploring foreign cultures, no matter where they live.

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If you’re looking to share stories, get inspired or find practical tips on teaching your child a second language, a great place to start is our Facebook community; full of normal every day people who are doing the juggle but want to make sure their little people have a global perspective.  


Guardian Early Learning Centre – Kent Street:

The language classes have been a big hit here at Kent Street Early Learning Centre because of how interactive and engaging the classes are. The props used and the tunes of popular children songs are a really clever way to help get the children involved and are very age appropriate for the group of children partaking in the class. Also the updates you send weekly are a great addition to the class and the families absolutely love them. They get to read about what happened in the class and continue practicing with their children at home which makes the classes a lot more beneficial.

I have had great feedback from families and as you have heard many of them are practicing with their child/ren at home which is a lovely way to link the different contexts in children’s lives. Again thank you… We will definitely have to pick up French as well as Spanish I think because more and more families are eager to sign up their child! – Helen – (Centre Manager)

Sarah on our French Flashcards:

I’ve been teaching my little girl French now for the past month now and have loved using our French Flashcards. I’ve placed the flashcards up around her bedroom, and we play games with the words each morning, and I’m surprised at how quickly she’s starting to speak her new words. She’s like a little sponge!

Mel – Mama to Josiah (3) and Armadaeus (6 months):

I had always wanted to learn another language before having kids in hopes to raise my kids bilingual. Knowing how difficult I found learning a second language was in school made me want for an easier method for my kids. Well, the kids are here and I am still only fluent in English. I figured I had missed my chance. That is, at least until I found The Cultured Kid. Josiah, my 3yo, loves the flashcards. My husband, 30yo, loves the design. These cards are always out and are used daily. The instructions provided are so encouraging in helping me teach a language that I don’t yet know. We carry the vocab learned from the flashcards throughout our day-to-day and find ourselves speaking French often. The Cultured Kid’s flashcards have been an easy way to introduce a new language. Josiah thinks he’s playing a game, but he’s also building a great foundation in French.  (NYC)

Marta on our Spanish Flashcards:

These flashcards have been the perfect starting point to teach my 2-year-old Spanish. My husband is from Mexico and speaks Spanish to my son often, however, I sadly don’t know the language yet, so I love learning the words alongside my son. The phonetic pronunciation has been really helpful in this case and it has made it easy for me to introduce the words correctly! I can’t wait to start the next stage of The Cultured Kid’s language programs with my mother’s parents in the group. I can’t wait to meet other moms with the same goals for their kids!


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