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Teach Multiple Children at the Same Time

The $1 trial provides an affordable entry into language learning for the entire family. Adapt lessons to fit each child's individual needs and interests, making it a collaborative, enjoyable experience.

Choice of One Language from Six Amazing Options!

Choose one language from our library of six to get started. With the $1 trial, you're unlocking a door to a multilingual future for your child.

A Risk-Free Way to Experience Effective Learning

Our $1 trial allows you to see immediate results without the commitment, helping you make an informed decision about your child's language learning journey.

No More Overwhelm

We've done the work for you, so you don't have to stress about planning lessons, finding resources or figuring out the best approach. Our done-for-you language plans and engaging activities will guide you every step of the way. No more second-guessing yourself or feeling like you don't know what you're doing. 

Flexibility That Fits Your Schedule

Our step-by-step lessons are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your family's busy schedule. You can introduce new vocabulary in as little as 5 minutes a day or dedicate 30 minutes a week. Whatever works best for your family, we've got you covered.

Learning Made Fun

Say goodbye to boring textbooks and tedious lessons. Our bundles is designed to make language learning enjoyable and engaging for your kids. With fun games and activities, your children will be having so much fun they won't even realize they're learning.

Here's a crazy idea..

imagine you could teach your kids a foreign language at home in just 5 minutes a day

even if you can't speak it!


Our Lessons are Loved and Featured by the Very Best!

You want to give your kids the gift of a foreign language, but... where do you start?

When you’re already busy, it can feel overwhelming. And when you don’t speak the language, you wonder if it’s even possible for you to teach them.

If you’re like a lot of parents, the usual options don’t appeal to you:

❌ Endless YouTube videos that increase screen time
❌ Pinterest resources that are free but don’t give you a plan to move forward
❌ Private language tutors or a bilingual nanny that cost $$$
❌ Doing it the old way: spending hours every week creating lesson plans to try and engage your kids

You know the secret to learning a new language is consistency. But how do you keep it up when you’ve already got so much to do every week?

It’s no wonder a lot of parents never get started


What if there was an easy, fun, play-based way for your 2-8 year old kids to learn a foreign language at home?

Picture this... The perfect blend of songs, games, videos, audios, and activities that get your kids moving to learn a new language in just 5 minutes a day, with

✅ Brain-based, play-centered lessons and activities that your kids will love
✅ A new topic each month that builds skills and confidence
✅ Step-by-step lesson plans that are easy for anyone to follow
✅ Learn when it suits your family: in 5 minutes a day or 30 minutes a week
✅ The chance to spend quality time with your kids and learn the language with them

Introducing The Cultured Home...

Wish there was a way to introduce a language to your kids while they were young
(that you could do with your eyes closed)?

I did, too... And that is why i created The Cultured Home because as a mama of two, i wanted to share the tools & resources that worked for me when my kids were little!

I've helped thousands of parents teach their kids (2-8 years) a foreign language - (even if they don't speak a word of it themselves).

The Cultured Home Academy™️ is the only online program that uses a proven new way to make learning a language easy for parents and fun for kids using our breakthrough Fast Track to Fluency™ Framework.

👇The hardest part is choosing which language to get started with! 👇


Each month you receive a new topic with everything you and your kiddos need to succeed, broken into easy weekly chunks:

Learn with ease with our Immersive Vocabulary Videos

($300 value)

Play your way to fluency with our Play-Based Lesson Plans

($300 value)

Use visuals to teach everyday words with Phonetic Flashcards

($67 value)

Teach letter recognition with our Fun Activity Sheets

($200 value)

Expand Vocab With our Bilingual Read Aloud Video Books

($147 value)

Lean on Phonetic Lesson Scripts for perfect pronunciation!

($97 value)

Increase Vocabulary Retention with our Curated Song Playlists

($147 value)

Check progress with our Interactive Assessment Games

($147 value)

PLUS! you'll also receive these BONUS resources for free!

Bonus 1

The Exact Monthly Plan You Need to Get Started. 

($37 value)

Bonus 2

Helpful Kids Language Books to Teach a Language

($37 value)

Bonus 3

Songs and Rhymes that Kids Love

($37 value)


Then you can choose to run your lessons in either daily 5 minute bite-sized chunks OR do it all in one in a single 30-minute block with our weekly plan:


Weekly Topical Song Playlist

If I asked you to sing a song from your childhood, chances are you'd be able to pick a song in a moment. This is because songs + music play a huge part in memory + retention.

Each week you will receive a brand new playlist of topical songs for your kids to listen + sing along to.


Vocabulary videos, play based lesson plans, topical phonetic flashcards

Not a native speaker? No worries - our vocabulary videos will do all the heavy lifting and your kids will love seeing kids learning right alongside them.

Partnered with our play based lesson plans + flashcards, these screen-free games are a great way to play your way to fluency with your kids and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Interactive online games to test your kids progress each week.

Want to track your kids progress each and every week. These fun interactive games not only reinforce the new vocabulary we have introduced but develop a love of learning + languages that will last a lifetime.


Topical read aloud books that read stories that reinforce the vocabulary taught each week

Stories are some of the best ways to learn a language (and the best way to wind down at bedtime) which is why we've created topical stories for your kids to watch + read so your kids can fall in love with books + your target language from an early age!


Weekly activity sheets + resources that your kids will love

Want a handful of minutes to grab a cup of coffee while your kids are doing their language lessons? Our activity sheet bundles are a great way to continue the language engagement, develop their creativity and numbers skills in ways that they will LOVE.

Join the thousands of parents around the world who use and love The Cultured Home!


See What Other Mamas Have to Say About The Cultured Home

"Paige says she’s not very tech-savvy but found it simple to use with lessons that are gentle and easy."

Paige - @onthecovehomeschool

"Jillian says within a week of starting lessons, her son was using words in a new language."

Jillian - @themamfam

"Andrea says she can’t believe how fun the videos are and that her kids look forward to the lessons more than any other curriculum."

Andrea - @anywherethatiswild



Hi, I'm Shannon and I will give you the exact steps you need to teach your kids a foreign language! 

As a mom of 2, I'm passionate about giving kids all the many benefits that come from learning languages!

I will give you the exact roadmap to get started. I'll help you run consistent lessons your kids will be constantly asking for...

Our kids foreign languages bundle will give you the tools and all the resources you need to build a foundation of fun as you work towards fluency with your kiddos using vocab videos, play-based lessons, songs, books, activity sheets and interactive games so your kids grow up loving learning a new language.

Because I know from personal experience there’s nothing quite like seeing your kids pick up new words every day while they have fun - it’s magic!

Shannon XO

See how fun and easy languages can be for kids? 


Science tells us that between the ages of 2-8 is the best time to teach your kids a new language

Every parent knows that time goes fast. And as your children grow, there’s a short window of opportunity:

Don’t let another year fly by when you can give your 2-8 year old the gift of another language in 5 minutes a day from home (and make it fun!):


How it works:

3 Steps to Hearing New Words From Your Kids in Just a Few Days

Step 1: Ready

Start with signing up to receive your first monthly language lesson bundle with a 7-day guarantee and no lock-in contracts.

Step 2: Set

Receive an email with a link to the portal where you’ll find simple instructions + your first topic bundle, ready to...

Step 3: Learn!

Continue with new monthly topics that include play-based learning resources to fast track confidence with a new language.


Want a sneak peek into our lesson portal?


What other mamas are saying:

Our “secret ingredient” to language lessons kids love:
The Fast Track to Fluency™️ Framework

We’ve helped thousands of parents around the world to teach their kids another language. And a lot of our members don’t speak the language themselves.

Here’s how: With our breakthrough Fast Track to Fluency™️ Framework:

Step 1: Interest

Kids learn best when they're having fun so we've designed our lessons to engage your child in a way that makes them smile and they will WANT to lean in and pay attention.

Step 2: Exposure

Our unique approach is designed to help very young kids engage with a language through multiple modalities (Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing + Kinesthetic) making the language learning process seamless rather than your child having to work hard to learn new words.

Step 3: Relationship

Every child needs a role model to guide their language journey. Our lesson plans take you by the hand and help you lead your child down a new road to show them what it takes to learn a language with them. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and show your child you're learning too!


The Cultured Kid is designed to hit the brain-based sweet spot with learning new languages by combining interest, exposure, and relationship.

These are the 3 ingredients that create the kind of magic that will have your kids using
brand new words in just a few days.

Discover how our method has kids speaking new words within the FIRST WEEK!


Here’s what you’ll get inside

The Cultured Home Language Program

The Cultured Home gives you everything you need to fast track your kids’ progress through fun, play-based learning:

⭐ Help them learn with ease with Weekly Immersive Language Videos ($300 value)
⭐ Let your kids play their way to fluency with Play-based lesson plans ($300 value)
⭐ Use visuals to teach everyday words with Phonetic Flashcards ($67 value)
⭐ Engage your kids with activity sheets ($200 value)
⭐ Confidently engage your child with Lesson Scripts that include phonetic pronunciation ($97 value)
⭐ Test their progress every week with Interactive Games ($147 value)
⭐ Reinforce learning with Curated Song Playlists ($147 value)
⭐ Expand your child's vocabulary through our Bilingual Read Aloud Books ($147 value)

Join now and get these awesome bonuses, FREE:

Bonus 1:

The Exact Monthly Plan You Need to Get Started

($37 value)

Bonus 2:

Topical Songs and Rhymes that Kids Love To Sing

($37 value)

Bonus 3:

Helpful Kids Language Books to Teach a Language

($37 value)

That’s a total of $1479 value



Join now, risk-free, with our 7-day 100% money-back guarantee

+ we want you to love it!

I get it, times like these even the smallest of investments make you think twice. So I am taking away all the risk. Because if you jump in and buy this amazing bundle today, you are 100% covered by our 7-day money back guarantee.

So if at any time in the next 7-days, you think this bundle is not AT LEAST worth the teeny investment you are making today, all you need to do is email us and let us know and we'll refund you in full.

So you literally have nothing to lose (and oh so much to gain!)

You could spend...

👉 $20,000 a year on a bilingual nanny with no guarantee your kids will actually start speaking the language.
👉 $5,000 a year for language tutors with no guarantee they will love the learning process.
👉 Or waste hundreds of hours hunting for resources on Pinterest + Youtube and lose the opportunity to start while your child is young.

Or you could join us this week only (for less than $1.50 a day) and lean on our weekly language plans, + resources so your kids can simply play your way to fluency!


Watch how our little learners easily pick up new words


Imagine if...

You had a plan you could lean on each and every week..

And your kids LOVED their language lessons so much they asked for them regularly...

And you can learn alongside your kids and make memories together...

And best of all because you have a plan and the resources to move forward, your kids will reap the many benefits that a language will provide them (brain benefits / social + emotional etc) ...

This is how it should be.. and how it can be for you, too!

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You've got question? We've got answers!

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Still reading? This is for you...

If you’ve always wanted your kids to learn another language, let me ask you something: if you don’t start now, when will you get started?

As a mom, one of the things I know about parenthood is: life is busy and time flies. It feels like you blink and another year is gone.

So don’t wait for that perfect time, because that time - between the ages of 2-8 - is now.

When you join The Cultured Kid you’re giving your kids the gift of another language and broadening their world and their horizons.

And you can join now for $39 a month (less than $1.50 a day), risk-free, with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Come on in and find out why thousands of moms like you use and love The Cultured Kid to connect with their children through play: