Find out how parents all over the world
are introducing a foreign language at home with ease!


Meet Paige!

Paige is a mama of 2 raising her 3 kids in a bilingual province of Canada. Her daughter had been begging her for years to start learning French but Paige's biggest fear was not knowing enough of the language to teach it to her correctly. 

Click to hear Paige's story about how she introduced a language she didn't know to her kids in just 5 minutes a day.

Meet Corrie

When her son Micah was about two and a half, Corrie decided that it was time to introduce one of her great passions and started introducing the Spanish language to him - knowing the value of learning a language while a child is young. 

Fluent in the language but Corrie needed a plan to move forward with consistency. Find out how she was able to get started and keep going.


Meet Erin!

She’s an amazing Mom of two kiddos - Luca and baby Giselle. A non-native speaker who wants her kids to connect with their heritage

Erin comes from German heritage but isn’t a native speaker. Her father never spoke German at home so Erin missed out on learning as a child and found it a challenge to learn as an adult. She didn’t want to make the same mistake with her own kiddos!

She wanted them to understand more about their heritage and also be able to speak another language and she shares how she went from zero interest in German, to loving his lessons!

Meet Miche

Miche is originally from South Africa and a globe-trotting mama,  joined the Cultured Home Program to teach her kiddos ( 2, 4 and 6 years) to speak French.

Although she was familiar(ish) with French sounds, Miche admits wasn’t 100% confident in her capability to teach the French program to her kids.

“But once she got into the program, it was almost like she didn’t need to have any background in French - it was so clear on how to pronounce the words watching the videos.”


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