Find out how The Cultured Kid is helping parents
all over the world introduce a foreign language at home.

Meet our Community of Mamas!

Anneke Found a Plan

Anneke (Mum to Soren, 2) is a native English speaker but wanted to introduce the French language to her son and discovered how quickly her son is picking up new words each week.

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Signe Found Community

Signe was isolated and feeling overwhelmed when it came to introducing her native Danish to her kids - The Cultured Kid Community encouraged her she wasn't alone.

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Keilah found Hope

Keilah grew up with French heritage however her parents never spoke to her in French + she missed out on a key part of her family heritage. When she had her son, Hunter, she wanted to ensure he didn't miss out. 

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Erin's Kids NOW Love German

Erin is a mum of two who comes from German heritage. Her father is German however never spoke German at home. Before starting The Cultured Home, Erin's son hated anyone speaking German around him, preferring English, these days, German is his favourite language!

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Katrina Created a New Normal

Katrina is married to Jose, a native Spanish speaker from the United States, however as primary care giver, Katrina spends most of her time with her daughter Amelie at home and felt unable to contribute to her daughters education. The Cultured Home Spanish program, helped Katrina introduce Spanish at home, in a way that would normalize the language into Amelie's every day experience.

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