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- Our Kids Language Program are Currently Closed

Happy memories are currently being made! When enrolment is closed we put our focus on our Members Community to provide everyone with the motivation, accountability and shaping our language lessons to empower you to raise create happy cultured kids. 

Ready to teach your kids a language using our fun + engaging framework?

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Parents All Over The World are Teaching Their Kids a Language Despite Their Lack of Fluency!


"Honestly if there's an opportunity to give your children the chance to understand and grow their whole mindset, it's almost like robbing them to not give it, especially if it's so easily available at your fingertips."

- Keilah G (Mom to Hunter, 4)

"As a non-native speaker of French, the great thing about the video lessons is that it's easy to facilitate and you don't need to know every single word - and you can pause it, stop and start it as much as you want until you've both got the hang of it!"

- Anneke: Mom to Soren (2) + Rory (3mths)

"Your community has calmed down my anxiety about that I'm not being successful. Just having other people in the same boat, having that support around you is invaluable when you're doing it on your own."

- Signe: Mom to Summer (4) + Sebastian (18mths)

Make The Most of This Small Window of Time with Your Kids 

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