Everything You Need to Teach Your Kids a Language - Even If You're Not Fluent!

Immersive Language Videos

Play-based Lesson Plans

Age-Appropriate Worksheets

Topical Phonetic Flashcards

Phonetic Lesson Scripts

Language Posters for your Kids Room

Songs / Rhymes Your Kids Will Love

PLUS The Confidence To Get Started

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So What Is The Cultured Home?

The Cultured Home is an online Kids Language Program that will empower you with the tools, skills and resources you need to confidently teach your kids a second language and give them the head start they need, in a simple, easy to follow process.

– Even if you’re not a native speaker.
– Even if you’re not fluent.

– Even if you’re not a teacher.
– Even if you don’t think you have enough time.



"One of my favourite aspects of The Cultured Home program is the fact that I don't have to speak the language to teach my own kids how to speak it! The videos do that for me and the lesson plans simply give me ideas on how to reinforce the new words. It's genius! The best part though is that my kids LOVE it and want to watch the videos over and over and over - and I don't mind coz they're super cute!! Win Win I say!"

Marie G (Colorado)
Mama to Micah and Jude (5, 3)

"Raising a bilingual baby has been way tougher than José and I ever expected. We know these are Millie's formative years and her learning Spanish has always been important to us. However, with myself as primary carer and Jose not having his family around, we're not doing a great job of it...yet. So grateful the humans we love over at The Cultured Kid have created this kick-ass incredible venture so Amelie and I can get this learning Spanish thing done right."

Katrina H (Sydney)
Mama of Amelie (1)

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