Signe Story
- Mum of Two (4 + 18 months)

Signe was isolated and feeling overwhelmed when it came to introducing her native Danish to her kids - The Cultured Kid Community encouraged her that not only was she alone but her kids language journey was normal. It was in this community Signe found hope and encouragement to keep going and practical tools to continue her language journeyl


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Keilah Found Hope!

Keilah grew up with French heritage but her parents never spoke to her in French. When her son, Hunter was born, she decided that she would ensure he would have a connection to his roots.

Erin's Kids Love German!

Erin is a mum of two of German descent who is passionate about passing her heritage on to her kids. Sadly her father didn't pass on the language, however The Cultured Home is helping ensure Erin's kids don't miss out.

Anneke Found a Plan!

Anneke wanted to teach her son French but wasn't confident in her level of fluency. After joining The Cultured Home, she discovered how easy it was to teach her son brand new words each and every week.


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