How We Give Back

It’s no secret, we are passionate about kids reaching their full potential… But did you know that each term as you educate your child, you also help a child from the slums of India take a step forward into their own bright futures?

We believe that every child deserves not only an education but also the chance to live out their dreams, which is why we partner with Vision Rescue, an organisation working with street children, located in the heart of Mumbai, India.

Right now, there are approximately 300,000 children living on the streets of Mumbai who don’t have access to adequate education. For the past 10 years, Vision Rescue have been on the ground, working to create an educational program that improves the opportunities of street children.

This is outworked through operating buses in slum communities that act as mobile classrooms. These buses have been modified to create a classroom atmosphere for the children. It has seats with attached desks for writing, a whiteboard and PA system and each child is provided with the required learning materials

The curriculum is taught using the same ‘play-method’ The Cultured Kid uses to encourage a love of learning within the children. The younger children are given activities which enables them to develop the necessary motor co-ordination skills for writing at an older age. Meanwhile the older children are engaged in interactive classes.

The subjects that are taught include: basics in English, Hindi, Mathematics, Moral Science and general cleanliness i.e. Health & Hygiene. After the teaching session is finished the children are provided with a nutritionally balanced meal. Currently hundreds of children are receiving informal education in slums throughout Mumbai and Kolkata.

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