Erin + Luca’s story:
From Zero Interest to Loving his Lessons!


Find Out How You Can Teach Your Kids a Second Language Today!


“To have a program that’s already been set out for me, just made it so much easier!”

Meet Erin. She’s an amazing Mum of two kiddos - Luca and baby Giselle - and a member of the Cultured Home Program. 

A non-native speaker who wants her kids to connect with their heritage

Erin comes from German heritage but isn’t a native speaker. Her father never spoke German at home so Erin missed out on learning as a child and found it a challenge to learn as an adult.

She didn’t want to make the same mistake with her own kiddos!

She wanted them to understand more about their heritage and also be able to speak another language - for all the awesome reasons we know.

From zero interest in German, to loving his lessons!

Before joining The Cultured Home program, Erin struggled to introduce German to Luca at home and even initially with the program, he wasn’t so interested.

Now? It’s a totally different story - hooray! 

After just two weeks of the program, Luca was loving his lessons and actually pointing out items and saying the German words - unprompted. 

“I was blown away that he was actually even taking it in!” says Erin. 


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