Hi 👋  and thanks for reaching out! 




Hey there!
Firstly, let me say THANKYOU so much for taking the time to reach out to me!!
It's an honour to be included in your world and I count it a privilege to play any role in your kids language learning journey. 
If we haven't yet had the opportunity to connect, my name is Shannon - I'm the founder of The Cultured Kid, a mama of 2 little monkeys, an Australian by birth but passionate about travel, culture and giving my kids the world.
I wanted you to know that The Cultured Kid isn't some high flying, global company with a massive team - It's a family run passion I created to share my experiences introducing a foreign language with other Mamas who really want the same things for their kids! 
If there's anything you need help with, please email me at - hello@theculturedkid.com and I'll get back to you within 48 hours - or if you email me on Friday - I'll get back to you by Monday  💫
Looking forward to helping your little ones move forward in their language adventure (and give you all the confidence you need to know that you have exactly what it takes to help them mama)!

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